David Maxim Micic (SRB)


David Micic (David Maxim Micic), born on May 5th, 1990 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. He is a multiinstrumentalist (mainly guitar and keyboard player), composer and a producer who independently and successfully manages his pretty unique music brand of progressive rock, all from the bedroom studio in Belgrade, Serbia. He’s also a lead guitarist, composer and a producer behind the band called Destiny Potato.

His talent and dedication for music was discovered by Kornelije Kovac, one of Serbia’s (ex-Yugoslavia) biggest names in music, which lead David to the number of jobs, collaborations and media appearances. One of the more notable collaborations was on Laza Ristovski – “Drvo Zivota” (“The Tree of Life”).

Quickly after dropping out from Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studied composition, David was approached by the producers of the movie “Assassin’s Bullet” (featuring Christian Slater, Donald Sutherland, Timothy Spall etc.) to compose the soundtrack for the movie. Altho the movie didn’t get a world wide success, it lead David to more film-scoring, composing music for theater and TV shows and similar jobs in his home country.

His debut EP, “BILO 1.0” was released in May 2011. Featuring some well known names in music from Serbia such as Vasil Hadzimanov, Sasa Lokner, Aleksandra Djelmash, Aleksandra Radosavljevic, Vladimir Lalic and a young guitar prodigy Jakub Zytecki from Poland. “BILO 1.0” was really well received from both professional musicians and fans of progressive music. David was soon approached by the organizers of the Euroblast Festival to perform music from his debut release. He’s mentioned in couple of interviews that he has offered Destiny Potato to the organizers instead. What he didn’t tell them was that he actually didn’t have the band at the time. He spent couple of months building the band from the scratch and writing songs with his friend Aleksandra Djelmash (vocalist in Destiny Potato) and have successfully opened the Euroblast Festival in 2011, followed by a contract from Century Media, one the world’s biggest record labels for Rock and Metal.

In 2012, following a pretty successful debut, David has released his second EP “BILO 2.0”. That same year, David played his debut live show at UK Tech Fest in United Kingdom featuring Mike Malyan (Monuments) on drums, Jakub Zytecki (Disperse), Adam Swan (Monuments). That same year David did arrangements, produced, mixed and mastered Nikola Cuturilo’s album “Tu i Sad” (“Here and Now”) played multiple instruments and have done arrangements in collaboration with Nikola Cuturilo for Vukasin Savic’s album “Crni Bas” (“Schwarzbarsche” in German or “Black Bass” in English), a well known and one of the most notable opera singers from Cologne, Germany.

His third release “BILO 3.0” was released in November 2013. It included some of the biggest names in progressive rock such as Jeff Loomis (Nevermore, solo) and Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) and was #1 selling release on BandCamp for a full week, receiving international acclaim in the progressive and guitar scenes. When asked to share his thoughts on David’s music in an interview, Ola Englund (Feared) said “It’s amazing, and that’s just one guy from Serbia… just the production and all his songwriting, it’s all just perfect.” With the success of “BILO 3.0”, David was approached by a number of companies for endorsement deals. Some of the companies include Fractal Audio, Jim Dunlop Guitar Products, MXR Pedals, EMG Pickups, Wood Guerilla Guitars, Steinberg, Positive Grid, etc.

In 2014, after leaving Century Media, David’s band Destiny Potato has released a debut album called “LUN”. With over 1 million streams and thousands of downloads, “LUN” quickly became one of the most successful albums in the prog rock scene in 2014 followed by a number of headline shows across Europe and a contract deal with Japanese record label Marquee/ AVALON.
That same year David was voted as one of the top 13 guitarists in the world by the readers of Prog Sphere, among the names such as John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Guthrie Govan (The Aristocrats), Tosin Abasi (Animals as Leaders) and few others.

2015 brought two new releases from David Maxim Micic called “Ego” and “Eco”. Artworks for both records were done by Aria Fawn aka She Paints With Blood.
As per usual, David brought some of the best names in the scene to do guest appearances on his record. Some of them were Plini (Australia), Nick Johnston (Canada), Richard Henshall (United Kingdom), Shravan Sridhar (India) and Larissa Terescenko (Serbia).
In one of his Facebook posts, David said he is looking for vocalists to collaborate with on his new record. Over 400 people responded to the proposal but in the end, only 3 singers were invited to participate on the record. Dan Wieten (USA), Miyoki (Spain) and Scampi (France).

David’s put more focus on YouTube from 2016 with the series of videos and an EP called “The Stock Challenge VOL.1”, all with the goal to raise awareness to young musicians that music can be made with pretty modest equipment. The EP was available through BandCamp as a free download / donate to the charity:water.“The Stock Challenge VOL.1” has raised enough money to the charity to provide clean drinking water to more than 60 people living in the developing nations.

David has also recorded guest solos for artists from all over the world: Plini (Australia), Intervals (Canada), Sithu Aye (United Kingdom), Cartoon Theory (France), Disperse (Poland), Modern Day Babylon (Czech Republic) and many others.

In march 2017, David Maxim Micic released his sixth solo record titled “Who Bit The Moon”. In the similar fashion to his previous record, David left a post on Facebook, searching for a “less known guitarist” to do the guest appearance on his new release. This time over 800 people replied to David’s proposal and with the help of a few friends and fans David choose Adam Rafowitz as a guest guitarist on the record. The record also included Aaron Marshall from Intervals on guitar and Larissa Terescenko on violin. Quickly after the release of the record, David went on a 4 week long European tour with Plini and Disperse.

David is currently working on a new Destiny Potato record with Aleksandra Djelmash and is expected to play couple of shows as an opening act for Animals As Leaders on their Summer European tour 2017. He will also play as a main support for Plini on the upcoming North American tour in August / September 2017.



BILO 1.0 (EP), released May 13, 2011
BILO 2.0 (EP), released May 28, 2012
BILO 3.0 (LP), released November 17, 2013
EGO (EP) released Jul 12, 2015
ECO (LP) released August 02, 2015
THE STOCK CHALLENGE VOL.1 (single) released June 19, 2016
WHO BIT THE MOON (LP) released March 02, 2017


LUN (LP) released May 13, 2014


Jim Dunlop Guitar Products (USA)
Wood Guerilla (Serbia)
Aristides (Netherlands)
Fractal Audio (USA)
Positive Grid (USA)
Steinberg (Germany)

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