Camp schedule


For this year we have decided to open rock and jazz sections. The lectures will be happening in small groups split according to the instrumental cast and the level of knowledge and experience of players.


The Music Camp will be formally started on 3rd of August in the afternoon at Festive Hall Orpheum, that was build in early historicism.
There will be presented the schedule of the Camp, the organizational team and most importantly the lecturers.

The Music Camp program (lectures) will be happening from 4th to 9th of August 2018.


Each morning there will be a possibility to choose from two MASTERCLASSES lead by the lecturers and other special guests. The lecturers will let you taste bits of their music style and tips and tricks of their play.


Every day in the afternoon there will be three hours long instrument group lectures. These lectures will happen at the Music School of Antonin Dvorak in the fully equipped classrooms. The groups will be split according to the instrumental cast and the level of knowledge and experience of players.


During the evenings there will be “student bands rehearsing”. All the participants will be split into various bands while each band will have their own band supervisor (one of the lecturers). The aim of this way of learning is to improve the arranging and improvisational skills of each player, developing a group interplay and practicing the author part. The rehearsed songs will be performed by all bands at the student final show of the Music Camp on 9th of August 2018.

With the student final show the learning part of the MUSICIANS Music Camp will be officially finished
and it will be followed “ONLY” by the Festival.


Festival MUSICIANS will happen on 10th and 11th of August 2018 in the Open-air Movie Theatre Karlovy Vary. For all the participants of the Music Camp the festival fee will be included in the Camp fee.